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How to Install Wood Floors

So you need to replace the flooring in your home or office space and have no idea what to do. Today, there are various products available to cover a room with beautiful wood or stone flooring and keep your floors looking like new. These products can come from flooring professionals, general contractors, and do-it-yourself kits. If you are interested in knowing the information that can help you select great products and the right way to go about actually installing the product, then you are in the right place. If you have carpets in your home and gather the following information, it will make your purchasing decision a little easier:


  1. You want to make sure all of your carpets are dry before you begin. A trip on the wet carpet is just that, a trip on a hard flooring surface, which can scratch the carpet.
  2. You want to clean your carpets with a vacuum and get them very damp with only a little water. Plus, you want to avoid using any harsh chemicals that can damage the carpet.
  3. You want to give the carpets and the hardwood flooring that you have installed previous work remnants. Use a heavy-duty quality wood floor wax and then lightly vacuum to get all of the excesses.
  4. You want to choose the type of wood floor you will use to give your floors a fresh and modern look.


You can buy unfinished wood flooring from your local hardwoods dealer. If you are going to paint the wood floors, you can apply a tinted sealant to protect the new look. Always be sure to follow the manufactures recommended care instructions when you are going to use the adhesive, as many colors will not adhere well to some sealants. Go to the hardware store and get some sample colored sandpapers. Also, if you will paint your wood floors, you will need a small container to mix the stain or finish you are going to use. Start sanding your flooring until it is bright and shiny. Then let it dry, and then you are ready to apply the floor finish. Always apply the finish following the manufactures instructions.


You will want to apply a thin layer of the stain, allow it to dry, and then apply the second thin layer. This is what will give your wood floor its great looks for a long time. With all of these methods, you are ready to have a great-looking atmosphere in your home. You will also want to add some rugs and decorative pillows or perhaps even a rug and some decorative throws to accent it onto your wood flooring and keep your home from becoming too dull.


With all of these accessories, you will have a happy and beautiful home that will be enjoyed for a long time to come. You will not be disappointed. There is also always a benefit to putting new rugs on wood floors. Rugs and carpets can keep your wood floors looking for a long time and bring more color to the room. A rug and a rug can add a great look to the wood floors you have already got and give them an extra depth. By taking the time to take care of those cracks in your wood floors, your feet will remain in excellent condition for many years to come.